finine (finine) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Diva Cup Disappointment :(

I have been reading this community for several months but this is my first post.  I have learned a lot from all of the chatter and appreciate the great information.

I am going on four months with the Diva Cup and struggling with a love-hate relationship.  I am 37 and no kids but went ahead and ordered the larger size (against my better judgment).  I have come to the conclusion that it just simply does not fit - it is too big.  I have tried many of the recommended folds, rinsing in cold water, enlarging the holes, most of the time when I put it in it will not pop open without a lot of help from my fingers.  That's not really how I want my menstrual cup to work. 

Today I think i finally realized that the Diva Cup is simply too long for me - it is getting hung up on my cervix (my cervix tends to hang down about a half inch at the beginning of my period).  There is no room to pull the cup out farther though! 

I decided to order a Keeper today from eBay, although I probably won't have it until my cycle ends.  I ordered the smaller size and am hoping to have better luck getting that to pop open. 
Tags: age, buying decisions, divacup, sizes/size issues, teething troubles
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