Kiwi Maria (kiwiria) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Kiwi Maria

First use

I am just starting my first period with the cup and am having difficulties feeling comfortable with it. I was directed to this community and hope you lovely ladies can help me.

I think I'm inserting it correctly (using the 'punch down' or origami fold - cannot get the C-fold to work), as it seems to be collecting blood without any leakage, but at the moment it's horribly uncomfortable. I'm thinking it's the stem pinching me, but I'm not sure if it's in far enough, and therefore I don't know if I dare cut off more of the stem as I might need it for removal (not necessary yet, but then - I don't know if the placement is right). How do you know if it's positioned correctly? Is it very obvious to feel something is wrong if it's in too high or too low?

This may be TMI (although in this community I doubt it ;) ), but I think my vagina may be crooked - it feels like the stem points to the right, thus pinching that side more than the other.
Tags: first time use, stem length/trimming
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