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i just bought a mooncup uk and i'm trying it out for the first time. i'm really excited about it, but i'm having some MAJOR problems with the removal. i cut off almost all of the stem, not realizing that the tiny bit i left is not enough for me to grasp after it's been inserted. i'm slowly figuring out how to work my muscles and find the right position to be able to grasp it at the base instead. the instructions say that pinching it at the base like that should break the suction, but it sure doesn't FEEL like that - when i pinch and pull down it hurts a lot (and feels like i'm doing damage to something!). it only feels like the suction is broken when i insert my finger all the way up the side like they suggest. here's the problem: i'm having a really hard, nearly impossible time pinching and pulling and inserting a finger along the side all at the same time. but it seems like it has to be a simultaneous action, because i can't reach far enough along the side without pinching and pulling (i can't work it down far enough just w/ my vag muscles to reach), and i can't pull down painlessly without breaking the suction by reaching along the side. also, it feels like the cup keeps slipping back up if i lose my grasp for a second or the suction will start to break, but the it re-seals if/when i remove my finger from the rim.

ANOTHER problem (ack!) is that even if i can work it out painlessly until i get to the rim, i have trouble there. it doesn't seem to matter how gently i "rock" it out or how i try to fold it, it still hurts. a lot. inserting hurts a bit too, although not so much that it makes me want to give up. i know this is supposed to take practice, but i won't be able to stand it much longer if it keeps hurting like this.

any suggestions?

also, on another subject - everything i read seems to say two things: one, that you can keep the mooncup in overnight, and two, that you should empty it and clean it every 8 hours or so. but what if i want to sleep for more than 8 hours? (it happens!) from what i can tell, even though TSS has yet to be linked with menstrual cups, it's advisable to remove it at least every 8 hours just to be safe. so what kind of risk am i actually looking at if i leave it in 10 or 12 hours? is that a really bad idea?
Tags: health risks, insertion - painful or problems, mooncup (uk), removal - painful or problems

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