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The Diva chalice

So I have been a “Diva” now for the past 3 months and I love it! I cant believe how much of a difference it has made in my life for that awful week of the month! I love it so much that I have converted a few ladies in my office to Diva’s as well. The first month I used my DivaCup, I swear I was gonna give up so many times. That month not only did I have a hard time figuring out the internal landscape in my V-jay-jay, but then I got a nasty yeast infection. (Thanks to all the ladies ideas, tips and advice I found her with the cup support!) I opted to try the yogurt in my DivaCup for 3 day and it worked like a charm!

So my biggest issue was using it at work. How was I going to clean it? OMG I was mortified at the thought of using the public bathroom with only 1 sink and 2 stalls. So I turned once again to the helpful support on here ladies and I couldn’t quite agree or use some of the suggestions. That first couple of days the first time using my DivaCup was a straight disaster with blood everywhere.

Then one day I was sitting at my work desk and low and behold it hit me. On my desk sat this cheesy red & grey plastic wine goblet with a spider on it. My Co-worker and I won it bowling and playing games that you get tickets for. I think this thing cost my 30 tickets lol! So I grabbed a black sharpie and decorated it with Diva and a warning not to drink from this cup. And lots of X’s for death and my name on the underside as well. I would so hate for anyone to think they can use it for a drink. Hence the “Diva Chalice” was born!

I leave it in the bathroom at work and return it to my desk at night. I fill it with warm water and simply bring it into the stall with me. I use half the water to rinse my DivaCup & the second half to rinse my fingers. It also makes a great Bidet if I need to freshen up. If I have any water left I simply pour it down when I flush. Easy breezy!

To all you ladies out there who aren’t using it because of the same issue, I hope this helps as an Idea to help get you to the lovely land of Divahood!!

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