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So, I'm really terrified that I've been duped. Allow me to explain.

I ordered a US Moon Cup, style B from back on March 7 of this year. I have yet to receive it. I've emailed them multiple times (more than 10 by now, stopped counting around 8) about this, and have yet to feel that it is resolved (i.e. still no Moon Cup). When they email me back, they never say what's going on (oh, we've lost your address, lalala...), they just ask me some ambiguous-sounding question (what's your last name?, your address? are you sure you've been charged for this?), and then I don't hear anything for a week or two, so I email again (HEY, still no Moon Cup guys, what gives?)

Has anyone else experienced this?

Also, recently, there were some strange charges on my credit card, and this is the only "funny" thing I've ordered online. I usually only use online bill-pay and never order from the internet, so I'm really scared that they stole my credit info. or something. (Note: I've already fixed this @ the bank and am not completely fucked) But I'm just worried, and would really like my $37 + wasted time back. T_T

Am I completely alone?

EDIT: OH, I should add: I also plan to purchase a Divacup instead now from South Coast Shopping since I saw the links posted to this community (hey, if I can get it cheaper, I might as well!), but are they reliable? I really want a cup without getting burned by a company, and I can't buy one from a retailer where I live, so my only options are online.
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