Alys Scarlet (alysscarlet) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Alys Scarlet

Yeast Infections, and Reusable Sanitary Products in Parliament

Following on from this recent post about ways of treating yeast infections, I wondered whether anyone could recommend the UK brand names of probiotics that can be taken vaginally and have proved effective.  The brand names in the linked post include Jarro-Dophilus, FemDophilus and Accuflora, but I've not been able to find them in the UK.

I managed to reach 40 years old without ever having a yeast infection, but have been very stressed and now have had a chronic one on and off for the past 6 months and am reaching my wits end with the over-the-counter treatments.  I find that it clears up during my period (the ph balance alters) but within a week or so it is back (I've been professionally diagnosed that it is thrush).  I may try the raw garlic cure, but I'm very sensitive to garlic and I'm not sure it'll be suitable for me.

Many thanks for any advice.  I've found these tablets Vagiclear by Higher Nature - has anyone tried them and found them to be beneficial?

On another topic, the Summer edition of the Mooncup UK Newsletter has details of an Early Day Motion about reusable sanitary products that is being brought before the House of Commons to raise awareness.  Those of us in the UK can support this by emailing our MPs and asking them to sign the Motion.  Mooncup UK have full details and a sample letter and details of how to contact your MP at the link above. 
Tags: activism, mooncup (uk), yeast infections
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