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Alright ladies,
 last year, i was in a household that had three cup wearers.. i had a Keeper, (for all of ten minutes, then i had to give it to my roomate, and use her  smaller diva cup, because i was allergic to the Keeper)

we always used to wash ours with Dial Antibacterial soap, the bright yellow stuff..

now, i realize now that this is not a good idea, because of various reasons.. namely perfumes and whatnot that are in it.. i think at least..

I got my  own diva cup 3 months ago.. right after my last period.. **facepalm** i haven't been able to use it , because my period decided to do a dissapearing act, :not pregnant, went to PP to get checked out, and put on BC: so it sits in the pouch in the bottom of my purse..

now, in two weeks, i (please please) i should be getting my period..

My question is,

Is Dial Soap safe to use, or should i use a natural wash without fragrance and stuff in it?

What about pure and natural brand products..

its got essential oils and all sorts of crap in it, and while i would use it on my face, i don't know if the oils would do something funky to the cup..

also, whats the best way to keep it from staining?
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