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awesome directions -- mooncup uk

hello menstruaters,
i finally decided to get a second cup, and chose the mooncup uk, based largely on reviews from this community. (i originally had a keeper mooncup, but the shifting around was driving me crazy.)

while it's too early for a test run or comparison reviews of the cups, i would like to note: the instructions that came with my mooncup uk are FAR superior to the ones i got with my keeper mooncup. mooncup uk comes with a booklet, with sections in almost every common european language, that includes tips on folding methods, cleaning methods, removal methods, removal-without-spilling-blood-all-over-yourself methods, stem trimming info, as well as a "troubleshooting" section -- all of which are augmented with diagrams and pictures throughout. the keeper mooncup came with *one* photocopied sheet of paper, with almost no information beyond the "c fold" method of insertion, basic stem trimming info, and general cleaning advice. go mooncup uk!
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