jiyuni (jiyuni) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Problem with Removal

 Hi all! I am new to this forum, and to Instead.

I recently tried Instead for the first time and had major problems with removal.  I pushed it in as far as I can and the outer rim far until it was locked inside a huge bone, which I believe is the pubic bone.  I did not feel any "click" or "pop" as other users said should experience.  When I was taking it out, however, I could not get it out and pulling the rim does nothing since the Instead was very much locked behind the pubic bone.  the plastic was very slippery too, making it even harder to hook the rim from inside. I tried everything suggested, like hooking a finger between the bone and the rim and pulling, but the rim wouldn't budge.  It was very stuck.  Finally I got it out by using a stick and hooking the rim out.  It was a nightmare.

So my question is, why is it so difficult to get out?  Is it because I pushed it in way too far beyond the pubic bone so it was in the wrong place, making it difficult to get out? Or is my body shape unsuitable since it locks the Instead so tightly in space?

Is it something that I will get better at? Because it certainly seems like it's not for me. 
Would you suggest I try a mooncup instead?  Is it easier to remove?

Tags: instead, removal - painful or problems

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