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so i got my first divacup in the mail two days before i first started my period (good timing, eh?) the other day.
i waited til my male room mates both left before i went to play around with it. and i just did, and after TONS of problems just getting the damn thing in, i finally did in one fell swoop. the problem was, i got it all in really quick and got most of it up so that when i went to grab the bottom to turn it, i couldn't. i can reach the stem but that wouldn't do it.
so then i tried to take it out, according to the directions it came with and that didn't work either.
its not hurting or anything or poking me at all, so i basically decided, fuck it, let's see what happens.

does anyone think it'll actually work out, having been done this way? does anyone have any advice or tips i SHOULD do next time?
i tried the tips left here about getting it out but that didn't seem to work but maybe i didn't do it long enough? how long did it take for you to FIRST get it out?

this is so involved with my vagina, i'm used to just throwing on a pad and being done with it!
Tags: insertion - painful or problems, removal - painful or problems

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