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Diva Cup - where to buy, dry run experience and choosing the right size

I ordered my Diva cup from www.iherb.com used the referral code KAS985 and my total (including shipping) came out to only $15.49!  I ordred on a Thursday and received it on Monday.

I did a dry run last night using the C-fold...I really irritated myself by trying quite a few times. I finally did get it in but couldn't get it to unfold inside of me. Then I pulled it out and it popped. Ouch! For some reason, it hurt a lot coming out than going in.

After these dry runs, I was feeling pretty irritated in my vagina and I don't know if I was imagining things but even my lower stomach felt tender/irritated. (Just read other comments that suctioning your cervix can cause this achy feeling! Not very pleasant!)

This morning, I feel fine so I'll try another dry run tonight.

I'm really excited to make this work but I'm also concerned about the learning curve.

Also I ordered the size 1 (the smaller) even though I'm over 30 and have 2 kids. I was thinking that my flow isn't heavy and I wanted to save myself the pain of inserting something larger. I know the instructions for picking the correct size isn't related to flow, so I'll report back on if wearing the smaller size works, despite my age and mother status.

Hubby made me laugh so hard when I showed him the cup. I had been talking about menstrual cups for days and weeks as I was doing my research. So when it arrived, I proudly showed it to him and he thought it was very small. My very clueless guy thought the menstrual cup was going to be about the size of an 8oz sippy cup! OUCH AND LOL! 
Tags: dry run, sizes/size issues, where to buy
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