mismatched_sock (mismatched_sock) wrote in menstrual_cups,

have you ever had one of those "OMG I AM GLAD NO ONE SAW THAT" moments?

Then you immediately went and posted about it here on lj?

I was in the shower, and after rinsing my cup out, i went to go put it back in. I had the water off. I use a c fold method and get it just inside the opening to my vagina and then push it the rest of the way up all the way opened. Today i am cramping really bad, so i just wanted to get back to my room with my warm blankets (yay college dorm floor bathrooms!!!) and when i was pushing it up there was a giant air bubble, that of course made a giant farting noise. Okay fine, i am mature enough to deal with that. But i can't get the rest of the air out, normally it just comes out the side. So i pull it back out and try again. My hands were wet and my cup was slippery, i dropped it and it BOUNCED out of the shower stall and into the main bathroom area, hit the wall and left a little blood splotch with a clotty bit stuck to the wall. So i am completely dripping still but there are people in the bathroom, so i have to wrap up in my towel and go get my cup and scurry back to my room to go get an Instead until i have time to wash my cup. When i went back to the bathroom to put my Instead in i remembered the blood splotch and washed it up with antibcterial soap and hot water.
I was amazed at how bouncy my cup is!!! I am impressed at myself that this is the first time i have dropped it...

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