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diva's return policy

weeks ago i found out that divacup is no longer refunding cups. i sent them an e-mail and i actually got a response pretty quickly, but i forgot to share it here. *^_^*

here is what i said:

Hello! I've been a DivaCup user for several years now and I just found out about a policy change that's a bit discouraging. Considering that I am only finding out about the change now, I'm aware that it may have changed ages ago and I simply hadn't heard about it. ^_^

Anywho, a new DivaCup user had troubles, and she said that when she contacted you about returning the cup she was told that Diva no longer issues refunds. After looking at your site I saw that you no longer mail out the cups and I understand that's probably why the policy was removed.

However, the main reason why I originally started using the Diva cup was because you had a 1 year money-back guarantee. I thought that was brilliant and amazing, considering that for many women it's a huge amount of money to spend (all at one time) for their periods. That 1 year guarantee gave me the confidence to try your product, and that 1 year guarantee is why I have recommended the DivaCup over all other menstrual cups for the past several years.

Now that I know your refund policy has changed, I'll be researching other brands to recommend to my friends.

Please reconsider your no-returns policy. It was a huge selling point when I purchased my cup, and I'm sure I'm not the only woman who felt that way.


their reply:

Dear Mia:

We will continue to exchange any manufacturer defected products. Contact us at info@divacup.com.

We cannot refund because of disappointment with the product. It is impossible for us to determine if a woman has really tried to master the use or has simply changed her mind.

The DivaCup, as all menstrual cups and tampons, are considered medical devices and are regulated by the FDA and Health Canada. We also must adhere to local health regulations.

The amount of energy expended on returns has taken us way from our ultimate goal: to offer The DivaCup to women worldwide, and thereby have a positive effect on women’s lives, as well as reduce the disposable feminine hygiene eco-footprint on the planet. Use of The DivaCup lessens the billions of tampons and pads being dumped into the environment.

The good news is that with patience and careful attention most women learn the knack of using The DivaCup quickly, and they want to keep it! We offer continued assistance on how to use the cup should one need more information.

Warm Regards,

so... if your cup is splitting or defective in some way, you can get a refund. but you can't get a refund if you want to try a different size or it's just not working altogether.

if you purchased a divacup because of the guarantee, please email them and let them know! i still think it was a great marketing tool and i wish they'd kept it.


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