Brit (designingdreams) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Need a new bag for your cup?

Hi Ladies,

I'm offering custom bags for your menstrual cups again! Whether you lost yours, or just don't like the one it came with...

These pouches are professional quality. I am a professional seamstress. Bags have serged edges inside to prevent fraying, and professional stitching. 1/8"-1/4" Ribbon in a matching/coordinating color will be used for drawstring.


Quarters for size comparison. All fabrics are regular quilting cotton unless otherwise specified, all are machine washable.

1. Dark chocolate with teal, red, and marigold pattern

2. Bright pink and orange floral pattern with a hint of teal, and silver glitter (heavyweight cotton)

3. Blue with green dot pattern (LIMITED: only 2 available)

4. Lime green with Kelly green rainbow shaped pattern (LIMITED: only 4 available)

5. Light blue with paint splatters (LIMITED: only 4 available)

6. Black with music notes

7. Pink light cotton fleece with cupcakes (LIMITED: only 1 left!)

8. Lime green with shaded stars (LIMITED: only 3 available)

9. Medium blue with white dots and swirls (LIMITED: only 2 available)

10. Magenta with bright colored stars

11. Chocolate brown light cotton fleece with pastel cupcakes, hearts, squiggles

12. Light blue with crafty things

I am offering bags with my fabric, or custom bags. If you want a custom bag, please tell me what color/print fabric you are looking for, and I will try my best to match it, but I can not guarantee an exact match.

If you want a pouch, please paypal $5 (for one of my fabrics posted above), or $7 (for a custom fabric, or international shipping outside of US/Canada) to berdesigner(at) with the following info in the memo:

Fabric choice (by number/description, or what you want for a custom pouch):
Whether your cup is a smaller or larger size:
Your LJ username:

My paypal address is BERdesigner(at) You can also email any questions to that address.

Thanks and enjoy!

**Oh, and I almost forgot the best part! The first two people to respond will get a FREE bag! You can choose from any of the fabrics that aren't LIMITED (#1,2,6, or 10) Free bags have been claimed... sorry
Tags: cup pouch & storage
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