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Um, plumbing mixup?

I've been using my MCUK for the first time this period, and it's much easier than I thought and than I found when doing dry runs, so yay!

However, my bladder seems to have an issue with it. I don't get general increasing warning of having to go pee anymore. It's more zero to OMGSHITNEEDTORUNNNNNNNN in a second. Which leads to me sitting trying to hold it enough to actually make it to a bathroom. Which is not always successful.

Then, when I do arrive at the bathroom, and am all gleeful that I (kinda) made it...something down there goes sluuuurpslupbubblebubbleslupsluuuuurp!!!. When checking, I find that my mooncup is full...of pee.

Srsly, wtf??? It's like...way out of direction, how does pee manage to get sucked up in there? And more importantly, how do I get it to stop? It only happens when I have to excessively hold it first (due to the no warning, instant emergency) and it's fairly messy. And doesn't help with the not having to wear backup pads :/

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