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unexpected benefit, possible sex TMI

Last cycle was my first with my new Mooncup UK and, as some may recall, I had some leaking issues. I am looking forward to trying some things, like inserting before I actually start to catch everything right away, and maybe trying a little different angle, do fix this. I will still make a few pads to back up anyway. I am determined to make it work.
Anywho, the reason I am writing is to back up a statement I read while researching before buying a cup made by someone with vaginismis that using the cup helped to relax the issue and made intercourse more comfortable. I have had this issue for a few years now and have despaired of finding a solution for it so, when I read that, I was guardedly optimistic but skeptical that it would make a difference. I finished Shark week on Thursday and had sex for the first time after using the cup on Tuesday and IT DIDN'T HURT! Ironically, I was so floored by it that I think I was too distracted to actually enjoy the experience! I know it is not totally conclusive that the cup helped, but we didn't do more foreplay and I wasn't extremely turned on, so I think it may have. I am going to wait until we try again to make a solid connection, but I wanted to share something that is a huge deal for someone who has struggled with painful sex for years.
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