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LadyCup Love!!!!!!!!!

Although I have two perfectly good cups that I simply adore to pieces (Lunette & MooncupUK), I think I've developed a new addiction: MCC (Menstrual Cup Collecting)!  So, I'm on Day 2 with my newest addition, my sweet LadyCup, and I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this brand and wanted to post a quick review:

Yes, it's "squishier" than my Lunette and MoonCupUK, but that didn't create any problems for me. I got the larger size (very similar to the Lunette), and the only difference I noticed concerning insertion is that whereas I always use a shallow "punch-down" fold with my other cups, I found that the "7" fold worked the best in terms of getting it to pop open, etc.  Once I figured out that the "7" fold was the key, the cup has popped open right away every single time.


The LC seems to create a nice, strong seal because I've had ZERO LEAKAGE (including a kick-ass cardio kickboxing workout, overnight use, and leaving it in all day long on my heaviest day today - and I tend to have a  heavier flow). The "white panties test" confirms this glowing report! :)  Overall, the cup is so comfy that I don't even know that I'm wearing it, just like my other cups.

I was initially worried about the "squishiness" factor, but I found that the raised bumps on the bottom of the cup are there for a reason! Yes, I had to break the suction, but those little "grippers" made it easy every time!

This is the only cup I have with the "slanted/angled" holes and I was wondering how easy they'd be to clean. Turns out that they're VERY easy to clean (and larger than the MoonCupUK's holes). All I have to do is run water on the outside of the cup and it cleans them right out. There's no lettering or logo on the inside or outside of the cup, so that makes cleaning even easier.

Love it!!! My only problem now is that I still don't have a "favorite" cup because the LadyCup is just as amazing as my Lunette and MoonCupUK!  I really need to stop buying new cups, but I can't help it . . . . it's an addiction! :) 

Hope this helps someone!!!
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