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change cup sizes?

So, I've been an avid cup user for a year or so now. For the most part, I've been using my Mooncup UK until about a month ago when I lost it and bought a Diva to replace it. Of course three days later I found the Mooncup again. Anyway, both are the smaller size as I've had no children and was 24 when I first got one. The point of this post is.. I don't think I've gone through a single cycle without leaking at least once. The last few months have been awful. There's always a seal to be broken, though, when I take it out. The leaking from the Diva is less.. abundant, but it's still there. Should I get another of either one in the larger size? Because that's the only thing I can think of right now to maybe fix this problem. I -do- have a few cloth pads to use, but of course the blood finds a way to my underpants somehow. MEH! My flow is always kinda heavy the first two days, but leaking on day 4 or 5 with not very much in the cup is just stupid. Thanks to the Nuvaring, my next cycle is to start probably Saturday or Sunday, so if need be, I could get a replacement in time, I think.
Any ideas?
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