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Okay, I wanted to thank all of the replies from my last post. It's amazing how much you all know. :)
And I come back with another question. :P So I wanted to see how I did getting the cup out. I got it out without much pain but I was so focused on it not hurting that I totally flew blood everywhere (the floor, the wall, the sink, you name it and there was blood)... that was sort of embarrassing and gross even though no one saw it but me. Then I spent maybe a minute getting it back in (I was sort of in a hurry). Apparently it didn't pop open enough to make a seal. Which I found out about an hour ago. It was actually painful because of it and burned a little. I went back to the bathroom and spent at least 20 minutes trying to get it back in. I would get it in and it absolutely would not seal itself. I tried all the different folding techniques, I tried using cold water, hot water, crouching down, propping one leg up on the sink, tried twisting the stem, tried squeezing the base, tried pushing it in as far as I could get it, and just nothing would work. I had to have put it in and taken it out at least 15 times, and it just won't be nice and work for me.
Another question that I had while browsing the memories... how likely is it to get a UTI from the cup? I'm not really that prone to them (which is why I don't feel the question in the memories really helps me) but I've gotten a few. I get them usually if I don't pee after sex. Is there a way to lessen the risk without a prescription of something? I was diagnosed last Monday, May 5th, with a UTI and have been taking amoxacillin for it, and maybe it is just from all of the abuse from my not knowing how to use the divacup right, but I feel like it's coming back.
So again, your help is super appreciated. :)

[EDIT]I finally found a way to make it work! Basically, I just have to do it while laying down. When I first did it I was laying down in the shower, and I've done it twice while laying on my bed. So I guess I'll just have to do that until I'm comfortable with it, then try other ways.
Tags: uti (urinary tract infection)

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