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Hi Everyone!
I've been reading and researching about cups for a while now and got a Divacup a few months back.
It's working fine for me and I'm really happy about.. the results? Haha.
Buuuuuut, I wanted to try another one and finally decided on the Mooncup UK.

I ordered from the online store Kuukuppi.
They didn't have the size I ordered in stock, so I had to wait a few weeks. Which is completely fine with me.
I just got the package this morning and was surprised to find the box already opened- flattened, probably to save on shipping. I was okay with that too....
The thing that really got to me was that the cup was discolored and yellow.
The cup was sent in a plastic bag that was stapled at the edges, not sealed or anything.

If anyone has a Mooncup UK, could you tell me how it was packaged?
I'm not aware that Kuukuppi is selling used cups, so I thought all the products were brand new.
I don't want to wrongly accuse the store for sending me a used product, but the cup looks used.
And I really don't want to pay for extra shipping, especially all the way to Finland...
But I feel squeamish about having a used cup, especially when I paid full price for a brand new one.

Has anyone had any problems with the merchandise purchased from the store?
Or any information that might be helpful :)
Thanks in advance!
Tags: buying decisions, mooncup (uk)
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