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Hey there, I'm new. My name is Brittany and I heard about this community from vaginapagina. :) I'm almost 20 years old. And I'm not sure if this makes any difference with my questions but I AM sexually active.

I just got a divacup last month. I tried it last month on the second day of my period, to a lot of pain and worrying. I didn't keep it in longer than 30 seconds. Taking ti out hurt a lot too. So I just started my period today and while in the shower, I decided to give it another go. I got it in and it really doesn't hurt, but I'm sort of nervous about taking it out. Any tips?

Also, in July, I'll be going on a vacation to North Carolina. It'll basically be a lot of swimming and such. And of course, I will have just started my period. Is it okay to go swimming with the divacup in? Any precautions? And I'd like to boil it clean after each time but i'll be there with my fiance' and his family, so I won't be able to. Any other ideas/tips to clean it privately? (As a side note, I might "skip" my period using BC. I'm going to talk to my gyno about it when I go back for my yearly check up in a couple of weeks.) [[Edit: Swimming will be in a pool AND a lake.]]

One more quick question. I took part in the Flu Shot Research and I have to go back for a check-up, which includes taking a pregnancy test and peeing in a cup... will the diva cup mess it up at all?

Thanks for the help in advance!

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