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I am a regular user of the diva cup and I am happy with it, but I would like to have fairly non-messy sex while I'm on my period. I'm supposed to get my period this week and I've just washed my sheets so I definately don't want to get them messy and have to change them again. (I hate laundry with a passion)

Last time I had my period I was mostly having sex at my guys house and he's not squicky about getting blood on the sheets. I guess he didn't mind changing them as much as I do. But now lately we've been going over to his parents place when they're not home or my place.

I'm fairly certain shower sex would be dangerous for us considering he's 6'7 and I'm 5'2. So he'd probably have to pick me up which as we all know it is easy to loose balance in a shower.

Anyway enough background info.

I've looked in the memories and it was fairly helpful, but it didn't fully answer all of my questions.

First of all, where can I get them? Do I have to order them online? Or can I find them in a specific store?

Second, for those of you who have tried sex with insteads in can you feel them? can he feel them? Does it poke, pinch, etc?

And do they leak some from the bag being squished around? Is it just like a few drops? or would it make a small puddle? Should I still put down a towel?

Thanks I know that was pretty long-winded.
Tags: instead, sexual activity
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