bananacakey (bananacakey) wrote in menstrual_cups,

DivaCup I hope your comfortable!

HI!  I just got my DivaCup and starting doing test runs today.  I think I get the jest of it - I have one question....I can feel the rim of the cup with my index finder after its inserted, but its not round (circular) its more pinched in the front and in the back and wide in the middle (I hope that makes sense).  I can't see how anyone "turns" the cup when it has popped open.  If I can only get one finger inside - how am I supposed to grab on to it and turn it without grabbing the stem???

I wore it all day today at work - no pain or discomfort so that's good.  I just dont know if its sitting in me correctly.  Thanks in advance for your suggestions.


Tags: insertion
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