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Edit: So everything went fantastically, and apparently I'm just paranoid, because it didn't leak or move at all. Thanks for all your help. :)

So I have a question for you guys.
I go to a lot of metal shows. I went to my first show in February of 2006, and tomorrow I am going to my 21st. I like to be up front. At the gates, as it were.

The thing is, it gets really violent up there. I often discover bruises on my abdomen from my belt digging into me. (Or on my side from some idiot's cell phone in their pocket.) In fact, if I don't have any bruises, I'm slightly disappointed.

I purchased a DivaCup last year, but I've only recently been trying to switch over to it exclusively. Unfortunately, I am going to a concert tomorrow and have just started my period. I know I am going to be squished up against the gates by the weight of 500 metalheads. I'm fairly skinny, and I'm afraid the pressure from all of this is going to cause it to just pop out and leak everywhere. :/

I'm also a bit worried that I will be pushed against the gates, which will cause it to contract and release a bit of air, and then the pressure will lessen, and it will open up again and create more of a vacuum, making it difficult to remove later. I already have enough trouble removing it as it is.

My question is -- do you think it would be safe to wear it? Or should I use a tampon for the night? Any of you ever done this before?

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