K. (girlracer) wrote in menstrual_cups,

question from a friend, and night leaking

I was writing about my experience with the Mooncup in my personal journal, and my friend said that she is interested in trying one out, but "can you tell me a little bit about why it doesn't vacuum out your organs when you take it out, or why it doesn't protrude when it's in?"

It doesn't protrude when it's in because it's actually in, for the same reason a tampon doesn't, right? But seriously, why doesn't it vacuum stuff out?

(Also, I found one entry in the memories section, from several years ago, about leaking at night using a cup. It had three comments, so I hope it's ok to ask again - my seal keeps all day, but sometimes seems to leak when I sleep - wondering if this has to do with sleeping position, maybe vaginal muscles relaxing, or what?)
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