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I couldn't wait to tell you guys, but I have just finished my first period with my DivaCup! YAY!
I finally got it in on my first day, which was so wonderful because I just began a job at a baseball park last month. That first day, I had NO time to sit or go to the bathroom--I just needed to keep running and doing things. I can't imagine what I would've done if I had needed to get away and use tampons. I'd've had no chance! So I'm so thankful I got the Cup.
My awesome roommate, who got me the Cup for my birthday, coached me from the living room while I was in the bathroom. I finally got it up, and got it to pop, and then later I even got it out fairly easily. (not without mess, but i'll keep working at it.) Now, I have it down to get it out, rinse, and back in within about 10ish minutes. It's amazing!!!!!
And the best part? My roomie and I have seriously been bonding over this. So many great laughs. I'm totally recommending the Cup to every girl I know.
Thanks so much for your help, guys, and all the encouragement!!! (from when I wrote in February...)
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