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Juggling Three Cups

Well, actually two cups and Insteads.  I read here on LJ that many use one Instead per cycle and that's how I'll use them too.

My first cycle with the Diva2 was moderately unsuccessful.  I was convinced that it was too big so I ordered a Lunette1.  Just a little narrower and a lot shorter.  Along the way, I also picked up a box of Insteads.

Deleted the day by day descriptions.  (TMI.)


The Diva2 is a bust.  I can't decide if it's a "difficult" cup or if it just plain doesn't fit me right.  It's fine for a while, then migrates and leaks.  I don't trust it.

I like and trust the Lunette1.  It needs very little persuasion to unfold and then it seals with no leaks.

I also really like Insteads.  Hey wow, they're easy!  Immediate success.  Full confidence.  But the only drawback to them is that they are VERY MESSY and therefore not suitable for my "outside job" at which there is no running water, only a porta-potty.

The best part of these "alternative products" is that I don't have to smuggle a tampon or *take my purse* to the facilities.  In and out empty handed!

And I continue to THANK ALL OF YOU for all your posts sharing your knowledge, advice and encouragement.
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