Sarah (kardoth) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Spreading the News

I love my Diva cup, but after three straight weeks of heavy bleeding I was ready to see my OB/GYN. And I did. They asked the usually questions 'How much are you bleeding? Can you tell? How many pads are you going through?'

Perfect opportunity to mention the Diva cup, which also conveniently had a pretty exact measurement of how much I was bleeding. All the nurses and my OB/GYN were like 'what is a Diva cup?'. So I got to explain it to them. The nurses seemed to think it was pretty cool. The OB/GYN said 'well that sounds really messy.' and 'I don't know if Middle Georgia is ready for the Diva cup. Where the heck do you even get one of those?'

It was just pretty amusing all around because my OB/GYN is very blunt and likes to talk a lot. I really wish there was more advertising for menstrual cups. A lot of people seem very receptive to the idea of at least trying them.
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