The Endless Womb (quixoticgirl) wrote in menstrual_cups,
The Endless Womb

first day with cup!

so here's a funny little story about my first day using my Mooncup UK.

i've had the cup since christmas. i had a baby in october and i finally started my period today. the crazy thing? my period started RIGHT as we were leaving to take my husband to the hospital for a crohn's flare up. so i grabbed a few cloth pads but i didn't know how long we'd be there, and since it's my first PP period and i have a copper IUD, i figured my period could definitely end up a force to be reckoned with. so i washed my hands, used the punch-down fold, and got it in on the third try.

as we were driving to the hospital with my husband and my father-in-law in the front, i realized that the cup was slowly inching its way out. i was not really sure what would happen once we got to the hospital, so i was worried. i didn't think i'd like having an oddly shaped bulge in my crotchular region while i sat there waiting for the doctors. so i was super sneaky and i just pushed it up a little further while nobody was looking. there, in the car. yep. it was like stealth mode. i don't know how the magic happened, but it found its happy place and suddenly i couldn't feel the cup at all anymore. the only way i knew it was there was i suddenly had to pee. really badly. but that sensation went away and all has been golden ever since. that was around 2:30 and it's just after 9 now.

i think i spotted a little around the cup, but that doesn't bother me because i wear cloth pads as backup. i've always worn pads as tampon back ups anyway, so it's no big deal to me.

i have to say... this is the best thing ever. i know, i know. preaching to the choir. you've all shared the same sentiment. but i am SO glad that this cup was there and ready to go when i needed it. i didn't have to worry about leaking or anything all day.

and this community really helped me as a newbie. today was the first time i'd even tried to get it inside. i've practiced holding the folds but i've never tried to insert it. so a few tries and a happy vajayjay mean total success in my book!

oh, and i clipped the stem halfway off. i figure i might cut it all the way later.

and now i will go empty it for the first time. i'm really grateful for this thing!


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