she, with her honey hair... (reeast) wrote in menstrual_cups,
she, with her honey hair...

For those of you with the Lady Cup, do you have the large or the small one? If you have the small one, how old are you and does it work well for you? I'll be 27 in July so I bought the large one but I feel like it will definitely be too big. I contacted the site and they were really great about it. They just told me to send it back and they'll send me the small one instead. Do you think telling the post office to "return to sender" will work and not cost me extra? It's at the post office right now and I have yet to pick it up.

**UPDATE** I just wanted to say that the customer service on the official Lady Cup website is awesome!! I emailed them about needing the small instead and they answered very promptly and said they would send me a small one as soon as I sent confirmation that I sent the other package back. I just got back from the post office where I refused the package and did a "return to sender" and I emailed them right away. They emailed me back minutes later, saying my new Lady Cup would be going in the mail today! How great is that? Anyway, just wanted to praise them a bit :)
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