Anna (mousyaesthete) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I've been using a Diva Cup for the past six months, and I love it, except that I get yeast infections every two months or so. After taking some precautions, I don't get them as often as when I first started using my Diva Cup, but I still get them occasionally. Here is my question: For the past few days following my period my vulva has been more itchy than normal. I've been eating lots of yogurt and I took a bath with vinegar in it, but there still seems to be itching. If I'm not sure that this is a yeast infection, would it hurt to put yogurt directly on my vulva? Does it make a difference that the yogurt is plain, but has honey in it? (It's Nancy's Plain Honey Yogurt, and honey is the third ingredient.) Thank you!
Tags: yeast infections
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