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Shark week, day 1

I wanted to post a little progress report on my first day with my Mooncup UK.
I boiled it yesterday in anticipation of a dry run today, expecting to start in a few days. My body had other ideas and I woke up with cramps that heralded the imminent onset of Shark Week. I threw on a disposable pad because I felt crappy and there was no way I was messing with the cup until things quieted down. Fast forward a few hours after some water, Advil, and food and I was feeling up to trying it. I used what I think is called the punch down method, on recommendation of my roomie.
It went in pretty smoothly and opened without incident. I ran my finger around it all the way and as far up as I could get and it seemed to be open and tightly fit in. I used the swiping method recommended by an earlier poster to try to clear out the blood that was already down beyond the rim of the cup. This is easily done for me as the sink is right next to the commode.
I thought the stem might need trimming as the cup was sitting very low, but I wanted to test it standing and moving around first. I was right and, after doing the dishes and cleaning up the kitchen, I grabbed the scissors and heading back to the loo to alleviate the pinchy stabby feeling. Removing it for the first time was a little uncomfortable, but I am sure I will get the trick after a few times. The good news is I must have gotten a good seal as there was a bit of fluid in it already. :) I cut stem half way up after rinsing and reinserted with the same ease as the first time. I think I will end up cutting the stem all the way off as there is still a bit of pinching from it and I am not too worried about it since it sits so low, I can get a good grip on the base of the cup itself for removal. I am going to try to wait a little before trimming it all the way because I recall some posters saying the position of their cup changes through their cycle and I want to make sure I don't need the stem to retrieve the cup.
I am having a little bit of crampy discomfort, but I usually do on the first day, so I can't really discern if it is more or less then usual. Bearable, so no great issue.
Thanks everyone for your help and support leading to this and I will keep you updated!
Tags: first time use, insertion, mooncup (uk), removal, stem length/trimming
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