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cloth pad question

Hi all! I am going to be starting my first shark week with my Mooncup UK and I want to make a couple pads for back up in case I get leaks while I am learning. I am collecting patterns and wanted to ask those of you who use cloth pads as back up for your cup a couple questions:

1. How many layers do the ones you use have and do you have a waterproof layer?
1a. if you have a water proof layer, what is it made of?
2. Do you use full size pads or prefer panty liners?
3. Ties, buttons, snaps or Velcro closures?
4. Do you prefer the all-in-one style or the envelope style where you can change the insides?
5. Cotton, flannel, bamboo, hemp, or some combination?

Sorry for the ton of questions, but I was reading the other LJ group diy_pads, and my head started to spin a little with all the choices! I was hoping to get some opionions since you are all so lovely and helpful!
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