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odd anatomy and complete and utter failure

i decided to quell my fears about my divacup before my first cycle with it by having a dry run. i spent about 10 minutes trying to get the c-fold to work before i gave up and searched for some better options. i found the origami fold and found that to be a success on the first try which made my soar and slightly torn body happy... that is till i realized it wasn't in right. it was still folded and i couldn't get the cup past a bend near the opening of my vagina. its like the canal starts out straight, takes quite the dive towards my butt, and then goes straight at and upwards angle:
1. is this normal?
2. will the divacup get stuck if i put it up farther so it can fully expand?
3. i cant get my fingers in there with the diva cup in there and i certainly cant find the rim of it to make taking it out easier. is it normal to not be able to get your fingers in with the diva cup in?

i then spent the next hour or so trying to get the divacup out. i tried everything, bearing down, different positions. i got the best results while bearing down; however, i couldn't get a grip on the divacup and when i pulled on it my fingers would slip off. i spent over a half hour with no progress and me trying to think of where i could find some pliers. when i finally had success with getting the divacup to move down, i still couldn't get my fingers in to release any possible suction or to make the divacup smaller. i was still terrified of having to go the hospital to get it removed, so i took it out too quickly once i finally had a good grip, and i think i tore something. can someone please help me by answering my questions and giving me some support? thanks a ton.
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