By any other name, is still unstained (7owti5) wrote in menstrual_cups,
By any other name, is still unstained

Anatomy question. I can't find ANY info on this....

I'm fast approaching my 2nd cycle where I'll test-run the Divacup. Last month's success rate was about 60% - it completely failed me on my heaviest day! So, I want to start this cycle off a little better.

In all the anatomical pics and models I've seen, it looks like the vaginal opening is pretty much able to stretch in a uniformly round/elliptical shape. I've got (OK I'm going to describe it just as it is) what I can only think is urethral spongy tissue that's rather firm and is at the front side of the vag. If you can imagine firm tissue that's like, the first two digits of your index finger, that's what it's like.

So needless to say, the divacup can't sit low for me. Also, it causes the cup to veer a little to the side - which is actually fine because my cervix leans left anyway. As a result, the cup will either be waaaay up in there, right up to my cervix, or if it's lower, the bottom of the cup isn't allowed to stay round - it's pressed into a slight C-shape. I just don't know which, if either, of these situations is what caused the leakages, or what was so different about Day 2 (other than Murphy's Law) that made it fail that day out of all the rest.

So my questions are these:
1. Is this just me? Or do any of the rest of you have this little landmark?
2. What should I try this time around? or
3. Does this anatomy rule out the effective use of the Divacup?

Thanks in advance.

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