Sarah Irene (forgottenhall) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Sarah Irene

Diva Noobie.

I got my Diva last week, and have practiced with it twice now. I`m a bit worried that I`m doing something wrong. It isn`t uncomfortable, other then removal. But after I insert it.. I can`t get it to spin? I`ve inserted it in the C shape that was directed in the instructions that came with it. I`m inserting it slowly, as horizontally as I can, and it generally slides in fairly well. When I shove my fingers in to spin it though, it feels painful and pinchy. My fingernails are pretty short but it still feels like I`m hurting myself with them.

How do you guys suggest removing it? Going by the directions, I bear down my tummy muscles and gently pull. I hear it go POP kind of, like it`s releasing a seal and or air. And then it kinda slides out.

Tips, please?
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