Blogging Sara (bloggingsara) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Blogging Sara

Tips For Virgins Wanting to Use the Cup

I've been a menstrual cup user for two years now. Even since getting my cup, I've been encouraging my sister to try the Divacup. It only took my non-virgin self one cycle to get it down however I attribute that to reading this community religiously for about a year prior to getting a cup. I first mentioned the Divacup when my sister was a senior in h.s. and she wasn't interested at all. Recently, she brought up the Divacup as a co-worker of hers currently uses one. She seemed more open to trying one. I'm going to buy her one and mail it to her.

I was hoping ya'll could give me some advice to relay back to her about using the cup. She's a 19 year old virgin. I'm worried that she's gonna try it once and it will hurt so she'll give up. Or it'll leak and she'll give up. Other than telling her that there's an adjustment period of several months (and relaying my swiping tip for not getting any spotting on your underwear) is there any other advice I can give her.

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