lovelywanderer (lovelywanderer) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Oh, periods!

I have been using my Diva Cup for quite some time (though not more than a year), and because I struggled so much in the beginning, I know that I am using it properly. I sometimes do have to re-insert it, because I don't always get a good seal the first time. But NO matter the difficulties, I think menstrual cups are the greatest innovation in feminine hygiene and environmentalism!!!!

The problem is that this cycle, I cannot get the diva cup to catch anything!!! It just leaks right out, every time!!! What is going on? I know I have it in properly... (The cup unfolded, it's not too high, and it's not too low. I know these things, because I've tried this about 12 times in two days.)

The embarrassing question is whether this is related to sexual activity? Did I get stretched out, so that my Model 1 Diva Cup doesn't fit anymore? Why would it have worked before, and not work now?

If that's what happened... am I now less pleasing for aforementioned male? I'm a 20-year old who has never given birth... and I might be disappointed if I have to use a Model 2...

I'm not sexually promiscuous or anything, and I won't be going back to disposables any time soon, but I WOULD like to think of myself as appealing...
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