hypergurl7 (hypergurl7) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Hi, I really want to buy  a menstrual cup/cloth pads, but I have one problem: I have no idea to tell my mom! I have no idea how to facilitate conversation! She always seems busy and I don't really talk to her about this stuff AT ALL.  I printed out a lot of information about dioxin, dangers of tampons/pads and 3 types of menstrual cups, but i think that would freak her out to! (Has my underage daughter been perusing sex sites?)

So, I have these questions:

1. If you were/are a virgin/teen, what was/is the biggest problem you faced with your cup/cloth pads?

2. How can I convince my mom?

3. If your a teen, how do you successfully use your cup at school? 

4. My school also goes on retreats for extended periods of time and I live in close quarters with many girls. My cup would probably be ok for those instances, but what about cloth pads?

5. I've already decided I'm going to use the lunette or diva. (I'm petite, under 5 ft, and 110 pounds.) What advice would you give for pads?

6. Do you have any other advice for me?

Thankyou so much!

Tags: age, family & friends, first time use, lunette, pads - cloth, virginity

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