Kai (kuradi8) wrote in menstrual_cups,

A New Instead Tradition?

I read here that some of you keep an Instead in your purse or office desk in case of a no-cup emergency.  I thought that was sound advice and went in search of a box.  It took me 6-7 drug stores, etc before I found some at my not-so-nearby Target.

As I was turning in to Target, a gal in a car and I kinda got in each others' ways.  We met again at the entrance, and walked in together  And shortly thereafter, she turned out to be my cashier.  "We meet again!"  I noticed that she looked at the box of Insteads quizzically so I... well...  I told her a little white lie when I said, "My friend gave me one last month and it was great.  INSTEAD of a tampon..."  And I pointed to the picture on the box.

She looked intrigued so as she was ringing me up, I opened the box and gave her one. 

"When you get a box of your own, pass one along to someone else."

I wonder if she'll wind up here on the LJ list too???

Looking back it seems like that's all we said.  No.  We had much more of a conversation than the couple of highlights I quoted.  I told her of some key features and to Google them.  I got the impression that she was genuinely interested and that's why I gave her one.  My point was that Insteads are cheap and easy to SHARE to turn friends, family, acquaintances and occasionally even a curious stranger on to little-known methods that many of us already know and love.  I wish someone had pointed me in "alternative" directions years ago.
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