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So I'm very, very close to buying a cup (Either Lady or Lunette; I don't think there's a whole lot of room to groove all up there for me). I was going to buy one last night, just to end my stay in Limbo (should I get one, should I not?), but I'm still concerned about a few things.

(Sorry, this entry spontaneously posted for no reason!) Anyway, to continue, one issue is that I get vaginal cramps during the first day or two of my menses (quite uncomfortable). This has me worried for several reasons. One, I'm worried that my cup may get "stuck;" that my cramping will be so bad I won't be able to take my cup out when it's time (especially since the first two days are my heaviest, although I think I only have a moderate flow, not terribly heavy).

Also, I worry that the cramping my affect suction and break the seal, or cause the cup to move past my cervix. I know, I know, it can't go into the uterus, that's not my concern. I am 99.9% certain that my cervix is actually on the side of my vaginal canal. I'm almost certain it's my cervix (either that or a tumor) because it is indeed tough, cartilaginous, about the size of a dime, and dimpled in the middle. It doesn't hurt at all when prodded or poked or anything, though, unlike most claims by other women.

In either case, I still have about half an inch or an inch left of vaginal canal past the cervix before the vaginal canal ends, and I'm worried that, combined with my vaginal cramping, my smaller cup choice, and strangely placed cervical opening, the lip will pass past my cervix and be rendered completely useless.

Sorry, I forgot the questions: Does anyone else have these problems? Can the cup's seal be broken from vaginal cramping? What should I do if I am "unable" to reach my cup (when bearing down would be impossible because of the cramping)? Do you think my physical anomaly would reduce the cup's effectiveness? How far can a cup migrate? Is a smaller cup more likely to migrate than a larger cup? Do larger cups have stronger seals, or is it about the same? Would I need to get a larger cup? Are larger cups terribly uncomfortable for people who haven't given birth yet?

Also, off topic, but I read in an article in some magazine (Health, or something like that) that scientists have discovered adult stem cells in menstrual blood. Further testing has yet to be done, but the people who freeze umbilical cords are already beginning to freeze menstrual blood, too (for, like, five hundred dollars a year! Sheesh, I'd just get an ice cube tray for 5 dollars and start filling it up. :P). If they manage to harvest the stem cells efficiently, it could potentially cure cancers and neurological disorders, and eliminate the stigma of both stem cell research and menstruation. I thought that was interesting and may interest some of you ladies, too.
Tags: buying decisions, cramps, sizes/size issues

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