cecelya (cecelya) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Help with Back Pain

 Ok,  I checked old posts and I really couldn't find anything and the search function thing is being dumb. So maybe someone can help.
This is my first period with my Lunette and overall I am so very happy with it. It seems to fit great, and hasn't leaked at all yet. Yay!
But I have noticed that my back is in sooo much pain.  Normally my back hurts from being on my feet for hours and stuff, but this is a completely different feeling. It is very achy and not muscle related at all. The pain is very low on my back and wraps clear arond my hips. As of yet there are no craps at all.  I am fairly certain that this is because of my cup as I have never felt this before with tampons. And I haven't used pads since I was 12, I hate those things. 
What I am wondering is if anyone else gets this? And what can I do to make it stop? Am I inserting it wrong, or will it eventually just go away?
 I really want to be completely satisfied with my Lunette, but this would seriously make me reconsider using it. My back hurts on a regular basis due to stress and work anyway, I really don't want anything else adding to it. 
Thanks for any help and advice!
Tags: cramps
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