beatgirl (beatgirl) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Lady Cup = awesome

After permanently misplacing (not lost--I'm convinced it'll show up unless I accidentally threw it out) my Mooncup (Keeper brand), I bought a Lady Cup from someone here (I totally forgot who because I have a mind like a sieve--but, thank you!).

I didn't have problems with my Mooncup leaking-wise, but it would poke the heck out of me. I cut the stem and it would still poke me. Exercising was the worst--I literally could not go on the treadmill with it or I would get major irritation with it. When I misplaced it, I figured I would try something different and that was the main reason why I didn't buy a Diva Cup since I knew it was one of the longest cups out there. That said, the Lady Cup is MUCH softer. Whooo hooo! I don't really have problems getting it in (I like the punch-down fold), but I do find I have to twirl it around a bit more to make sure it's open all the way. I will probably buy a back-up cup in the future--either a Lunette or a Mooncup UK depending on what I can find on eBay. I know that the Mooncup UK is softer, but the Lunette looks more like the Lady Cup, so I might still get that.

Also--who has an Etsy shop here that was selling pouches? I like the material of the pouch that came with the LC, but the fact that it says "LADY CUP" on it really doesn't bode well when one is trying to be discreet.

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