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Migration Issues

Okay, so this is my second cycle with the Ladycup, and I'm still loving it- no leaks, my cramps have been almost non existent (seriously, when you think about it, it's crazy- CRAZY!- that tampons can affect the severity of your menstrual cramps that much.)- I mean, I have cramps, but they aren't near the magnitude I'm used to.

I have found, however, that I can not wear the cup as it is designed to be worn, in the vagina. I can't. It causes me intense pain, I can't walk or stand if I place it as I'm -supposed- to place it. (which makes me really, really glad I went with the small Ladycup instead of anything larger. Eesh. I get that the vagina can ...grow to fit objects, like a baby head, but you don't have a baby head in your vagina for three days every month.) Anyway-- if I let the cup go where my body wants it to go, and from what I feel when I put it in, I'm pretty sure it sits in the entrance of my uterus. Definitely past my pubic bone, at any rate.

Right- so here's my issue- during the night, the cup continues to migrate up to the point that only the very last cm of the stem is in my vagina, which takes for a lot of bearing down in the morning to get it out, but really, I don't mind, the cup is still leaps and bounds better then tampons.

But! During the day, it's not so high, and the stem, after three days, is irritating me like crazy, to the point where I can't sit up straight, I have to lean back. But, like I said, during the night it migrates so high that cutting the stem at all would mean not being able to get it back out.

Does anyone else have this issue? Should I suck it up and buy a second cup for sleep time, and trim the stem on the other for day use? I'm not exactly in the money right now, so I'd have to wait awhile anyway, is there something to do in the interim to make it easier to remove?
Tags: stem length/trimming
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