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Everything is amazing and nobody is happy.

New DivaCup!

I just got a DivaCup. My experience with it so far is that I can feel it a lot more than I could feel tampons. It's not that it hurts or is uncomfortable, but it was pretty noticeable and hard to ignore when I first put it in. I'm feeling it a lot less now, though, so I think it's something my body can get used to. I only feel it when I think about it, whereas I am not used to feeling a tampon at all unless it is time to use a new one.

I had to trim the stem completely off or else it would poke out and hurt. I can get it in okay, but my concern is getting it out now. I tried and it hurt really, really bad. I had a very hard time breaking the seal because it hurt too bad to put my thumb and index finger inside along with the cup (the cup on its own is more than I'm used to). So it's not the length that is my issue, it is the girth. I'm afraid of not being able to get it out because I can't get my fingers in enough to break the suction, and I'm afraid of it spilling everywhere when I do, because when I took it out right after I put it in to test it out, I had to squeeze it down again. I'm one of those girls that couldn't use Tampax tampons because it hurt too much to pull it out. Is it different/easier when it's full? Is there an easier way to get it out, or some trick someone wants to clue me in on? Is it normal to feel it this much? I can deal with feeling it this much if I can get it out without causing too much pain. I just got over some sort of bruising at the opening of my vagina from other size issues, so I am pretty sensitive.

And if anybody is wondering, I used the origami fold and it worked really well. The ONLY issue I'm really having is removal. I have been able to handle everything so far. And I do not expect to be a pro instantly, I just want to know if it gets easier. Is it tricky for everyone to remove? Is this something that is purely because I am small, or is it awkward and a bit painful for everyone at first until you get the hang of it?
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