northof7 (northof7) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Love the cup

 I love my divacup and the idea of it, i just bought one yesterday after reading about it on the internet and finding out they sell them up the street lol i was ecstatic. The idea of being able to wake up in the morning and no you didnt mess the bed (unless you sit up to long in bed after waking up lol). I have to use the bathroom a lot and sometimes when using tampons i would have to take one out two hours after putting it in because it slipped mostly out while sitting on the toilette. I like the idea that i wont have to buy tampons at the stores anymore. The whole idea of the cup is making me so happy i cant wait till next so i can really give it a good run an see how well its going to work. Anyway i just wanted to say that i love my lil cup  

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