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 Hello everybody i just bought my first divacup today and using it as well, everything is going great with it i'm just spotting right now so i have no idea if it's going into the right posistion, i know it has suction though!!! What i am wondering about is when i go to take it out i have to get a finger up of me from the back of the cup (towards my buttocks) and my thumb up the front (you know where all that other stuff is lol, the problem im having is im continuosly pinching my "outters" with my thumb when i try to get my thumb in there to remove the cup.... It doesnt feel good and i have no idea how to get my thumb up there after releasing the suction to pull it out (because i need to keep the seal released and hold onto it with my thumb to be able pull) without pinching my stuff hopefully someone will understand what im trying to say here and help me.  
Tags: removal - painful or problems

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