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happiness and guinea pigging

So, I just want to add to the "love it!" comments and stories.

My mom and I have been talking about cloth pads and menstrual cups for a while.  After exhaustive research (and a handy sale), I called my mom and said, "I'm running low on pads and tampons.  Can I have some money for a menstrual cup?"  And, tada, money for me!  On one condition...I be her guinea pig.  ((side note: we're planning to get together and make a bunch of cloth pads this summer and some sort of opaque bag so we don't squick my dad out when he does laundry))

So, I went and ordered my Mooncup by Keeper (cheapest and smallest available to me).  For $26.98 with shipping, I got possibly the most amazing thing ever.  Seriously.  I got it almost a week exactly before my period and wore it almost all the time for dry-running it.  First for a couple hours in my room, then through classes, then through the night, and so on and so forth.  I was SO excited for my period.

My period finally came and it was amazing to have the cup.  Out of curiosity, I used a tampon was the most painful thing.  I didn't realize how much more bearable my cramps were with the cup, but that was the most painful calculus class I'd ever sat through!  The whole thing was really nice.  I saw my boyfriend the weekend right after my period and it was SO nice not to have the nasty, dried-out tampon cooter.  Not to mention using its suction to get out all his man-juice.

I called my mom and told her how great it all was.  She's still a little hesitant, but she's going to get one in a couple more months!  I'm going to be suggesting it to her all summer and keeping an eye out for other sales.  I'm fairly sure that once I go through one period at home, she'll be getting herself one!

Overall, it's been a great experience.  I figured out the best folds and methods for taking it out.  I trimmed down the stem some and bevelled the edge.  Overall, it's amazing.  I'm so happy with it!  The only problem is that my boyfriend's mildly threatened by it (love the boy to death, but sometimes...) but still fully supports it and is realizing that it (a) won't make me looser and (b) the lack of tampon-vag makes it a much happier experience for him.  And no menstrual products to attempt to dispose of in his solely-male suite.

Sorry that got so long!  Ack!  I just wanted to gush about how wonderful it all is! :D
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