A. T. Carnifex (cl) wrote in menstrual_cups,
A. T. Carnifex

Ousting the yeast without boiling?

For the past several months I've been having a problem with recurring yeast infections, but I finally seem to be over it-- hooray!-- and, understandably, I very much want to prevent the problem from coming back yet again. Unfortunately, I used my cup during my last period without realizing at the time that I was infected. Now that things are apparently under control down there, I need to treat my cup so that I don't accidentally cause another yeast insurgence!

It seems that most of the community's advice is to boil the cup to kill off residual yeast spores. However, I live in a college dorm and have no access to anything with which to boil water for the required length of time. No microwave, no stove, no hot plate; nothing. I know people have suggested hydrogen peroxide, but I've got a Diva Cup and I was under the impression that hydrogen peroxide isn't supposed to be used on silicone because it could be damaging. I definitely can't afford to replace my cup, so I'm kind of afraid to try this.

So, I'm currently soaking my cup in white vinegar. Will that be good enough? I've also been eating plain yogurt and taking acidophilus supplements as a precaution.

(Sorry that this is a bit of a repeat topic.)
Tags: cleaning, yeast infections
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