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I know this is off-topic, and I do apologize. If anyone knows of another community I can post this question in, feel free to make suggestions. However, since everyone in this community seems to be environmentally-conscious, and I assume at least some of you lead wholistic lifestyles. Does anyone know of any herbal remedy that helps ease cramps? My cramps are so debilitating that I sometimes have to call in sick from work. i use a heating pad on my tummy, but I have to be home in order to do that. I've tried prescription meds, but I don't like putting that stuff in my body if I can help it. I know there's no miracle cure for cramps, but I'd like something to ease the pain enough so that I can go to work and bear to sit at a desk all day. Exercise helps, but since I work at a call centre, I can't be very physically active.

Thanks for your help.

PS: Tampons increased my cramps tenfold, so much so that I would be physically ill. I don't think my cup diminishes them, but at least I can wear something internal without it aggravating them.
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